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Our blog project has now come to an end. I finally got to read the Order of the Phoenix and I loved it. I think it’s been fun to do something creative for once, and I hope we can do something familiar again, because this is a really productive way to work with a book.

I’ve received many positive comments from my fellow class mates, and I have gotten the chance to read their blog posts as well, so now I know more about their different writing techniques. I’ve learned how I am going to write my analysis, how to give information about a book, it has made in to a more observant reader, and a lot more. There’s really not much more to say. I think I am going to miss doing this, so I’m crossing my fingers for more creative projects in the future.

Well this was my last blog post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m ending this with again recommending you to read the Order of the Phoenix, and probably all the other Harry Potter books if you haven’t done it yet.

Good luck reading 😉




It’s hard to explain what the theme in my book is. It’s a little complicated since this is a book from a series, and I have to find the theme in this exact book and not in the others. The reason why it’s hard to explain the theme is mostly because there’s not only one theme, but several. The most noticeable themes are power, isolation, and probably memories of the past.

As I’ve said in some of my earlier posts, a lot has happened in Harry’s life before he returned to Hogwarts this year and the story reflects mostly about his earlier memories. Harry also feels isolated because he feels like everyone is hiding something from him, especially Dumbledore who’s been ignoring him almost the entire year. Voldemort has managed to come back again, and Dolores Umbridge is controlling the Hogwarts, making it to a living prison. This is where the theme “power” comes inn. I love that the story revolves around more than one theme, it makes it more fun and exiting to read.

In addition, there’s so much more, but if I told you every single theme is the book, this blog post would be way too long, and probably not so interesting to read.

Point of view

 The point of view in the Order of the Phoenix is third-person Limited, which means we follow one characters perspective. Unlikely to the other characters in the book, we only follow Harry’s thoughts, actions, and most importantly in this book, as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, his dreams.

Bilderesultat for harry potter order of the phoenix nightmares

One example to prove that the story is written in Third-person limited, is that Harry is having difficulties with nightmares about things that has happened, are happening, or things that soon will happen. Another example is the creepy voices Voldemort leaves in his head.

A narrator tells the story. The narrator does not take part in the story, but is somewhat observing it.


The setting

Well as you may already know, the Harry potter world is much more different from ours. This book is an amazing fantasy novel that takes place in England around the 90’s. Hogwarts on the other hand, is mostly located in Scotland and is far away from the cities or people in general.

Bilderesultat for hogwarts location

In the order of the Phoenix, different from most of the other stories, the location is not just only at Hogwarts, but in the Muggle world and the Ministry of Magic, so as we can see, a lot of Things are going on. We read about Harry’s neighborhood where he and his cousin got attacked by the Dementors, the secret location and hiding spot for the “Order of the Phoenix” where Harry finds out about Dumbledors plans for making an army to take Down voldemort when he Returns,  Harry and his friends flies through London city on their broomsticks, the courtroom of the ministry of Magic where Harry meets the minister for the first time, and a new secret room in the halls of Hogwarts called the room of requirement pluss a hall in the Ministry of magic where he meets Voldemort for the Second time. So describing the whole setting in one text is almost impossible for me. It literally happens so many things.

Bilderesultat for harry potter london

Now let me tell you just a short summary so you can understand how the mood in this book looks like.

This year when Harry Starts School, the Minister of Magic has taken control over Hogwarts. He believes that Dumbledore, Harry’s headmaster, is trying to make an army out of his students that will take him down, so he sets one of his employees, Dolores Umbridge, in as a new teacher who is making Harry and the other student’s school year into a living nightmare with the new rules from the Ministry. Speaking about nightmares, in Harry’s nightmares he sees things that either is happening or will happened, so the mood in this book is frightening and exiting.


Also here’s the trailer of the Movie so you can see the setting for Your self.

Chapter one of the Order of the Phoenix

In the first chapter, we meet 15-year-old Harry who is sticking his head out of his window trying to listen to the news that is playing on the radio downstairs in his Uncle and Aunts house. He isn’t allowed to listen to the radio, but he has to. Harry is worried that his enemy, Lord Voldemort, is going to start going around killing people, and not only Wizard, but muggles too (non-wizard and witches). However, there is nothing new on the news, so Harry has no idea what’s going on with the war against Voldemort.

The year before, Harry’s friend Cedric Diggory got killed by Lord Voldemort, something that causes Harry to get brutal nightmares almost every night. In addition, none of Harry’s friends has written to him all summer. It is not normal for them to not write to him, so he’s constantly worried that Voldemort has done something to his friends.

Skipping a little forward, we find Harry sitting in an empty playground all by himself until he spots his nephew Dudley and his group of friends. If you didn’t know, Dudley is a bullying, stupid brat who’s been messing with Harry from they were kids. He mocks Harry for crying out at night “’Don’t kill Cedric! Don’t kill Cedric!’ Who’s Cedric, Potter? Your boyfriend?” Harry is so furious that Dudley dares to laugh about Cedric’s death and his nightmares that he pulls his wand at Dudley.

Suddenly the air gets cold and the sky turns grey. Dudley gasps out “W-what did you do? S-stop it!” However, it’s not Harry that’s causing the sudden cold temperature – it’s Dementors, magical creatures that sucks life and joy out of their victim. Harry uses his wand to cast a Patronus spell that chases the Dementors away, saving both him and his nephew. Well, almost saved his nephew. Dudley is practically unconscious from the Dementor trying to suck his soul out, but he’s fine. Harry has no idea how or why Dementors got to his hometown when they’re supposed to act as guards for Azkaban, the wizard prison.

Just then Mrs. Figg, one of Harry’s neighbors comes by and shouts “Don’t put your wand away! What if there is more of them around? Arrg I’m going to kill Mundungus for this!”

End of chapter one

My book of choice


The reason why I chose the Order of the Phoenix is that I am such a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I’ve enjoyed the other books since I was a kid, but I haven`t read this one yet, so when I found out about this blog project I saw an opportunity to finally read it. The book is maybe a little thick but the content is so far fascinating, so it shouldn`t be a problem for me to finish it in no time.

The author of this book,  Joanne Kathleen Rowling, is one of my all time favorite writers. I have so much respect for her and I’m so impressed that she can write books that almost comes to life when you’re sitting and reading them.